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Where to eat in Chipiona (recommended spots for foodies that you shouldn’t miss)

Where to eat in Chipiona (recommended spots for foodies that you shouldn’t miss)

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Any regular foodie post would start here with “A trip to Chipiona wouldn’t make sense without trying the traditional dishes….” or similar. But since there are no Starbucks or McDonalds or any like that in Chipiona, and, on the other hand, there are amazing places for tapas-like eating, beach food and traditional restaurants, why bother?

And adding to that, Chipiona has its own wholesale fish market (bringing the fresh fish from the Atlantic right to thier door), the wholesale greens market Mercado Rivera (from which local producers sell and send their produce to everywhere in Spain and other points of Europe) and a great number of local producers of moscato wine (including the moscatel wine museum of Cooperativa Católico Agrícola). These three spots make an amazing visit, but they are usually closed to the general public, with the exception of the museum. However, every once in a while they arrange a visit from the Tourist Office, which I wouldn’t skip if I was you, they are a show on their own.

But let’s get to the point, ¿where can you taste all of those amazing products? Here we go: my top recommendations depending on what you want to eat (and how):

  • Some tapas for good and “fast” food
  • The traditional dishes
  • The “chiringuito” style at the beach
  • At night
  • More ideas

Just a note: they cannot be booked online, which is a pity, but believe me they are worth the extra effort.

Donde ir de tapas por Chipiona

Where to go for “tapas” in Chipiona

While Spaniards won’t probably call it “tapas”, if you are looking for that relaxed style of eating with your friends and sharing the food, you will love these spots:

  • Sin Bulli means “without hurry”, which is exactly how you should go to this “hole in the wall” type of place, that is only a two-minutes walk from the market. They say that during summer season, the waiting line goes around the block, which makes sense given the high quality of products and the tastes. What you will find here: “tostas”, melted chees, artichokes with “jamón”… And if you are a bit more hungry than just tapas, they have some amazing meats too.
  • The Gastroteca of hotel Agaró, is also a great place for tapas or a few drinks, with some amazing views over the sunset at Regla beach. The menu here includes squid croquettes, “salmorejo” and mini burguers. You can also go for the bigger sizes, with some great rice dishes or local meat burguers.
  • And a traditional “tapería”: Periky,  right at Chipiona down town. They have some amazing croquetes, tuna tartar, salads… but my favorite dish is the scrambled eggs with “ortiguillas” (some sort of anemonae) and rock fish.


pescado al moscatel

Where to eat the traditional dishes of Chipiona and cadiz

These three places have in common that you can taste the traditional dishes: the moscato wine sauces, the fresh fish and seafood, and the rices. They also have some unusual recipes that are worth tasting.

  • Casa Juan, at down town Chipiona, has a nice menu full of traditional dishes, such as the squid “eggs”, the “ensaladilla” and the hake with moscato sauce. Less traditional, the bass in low temperature with “cañaíllas” and a anemonae sauce.
  • El náutico (Casa Ricardo), at the harbor, is a great spot for seafood and fish. I loved here the “señorito” rice (traditional rice recipe with fish and seafood where the seafood comes without shells so it’s easier to eat) and the “tortillitas de camarones” (shrimp fritters).
  • Monterrey Costa, at the Regla beach, a hotel restaurant that is worth trying if you want to try the newest versions of traditional Cadiz dishes. Their cod tempura with squid ink and boletus cream has won a few awards, for example. I would go for the pork meat (carrillada ibérica) and the sea bass creppes.

What else to see at Chipiona

Chipiona has plenty of ideas for a family trip, but also for a trip with your couple and solo too. I keep adding more and more plans at my 15 must-sees in Chipiona, so check it out and let me know if I’m missing anything.

comer en playa de regla chipiona

The best “Chiringuitos” in Chipiona: eating at the beach

Beach bars or “chiringuitos” are another must here. We know that you will be spending a lot of time at the beach and that you will want to eat well. Here are 3 you shouldn’t skip:

  • La Manuela, at Tres Piedras beach is a beach bar that has a great atmosphere and a beautiful design. Their menu has a lot of asian inspiration with local product (the nigiri with sardines is top) but it is also a great spot to have a great tuna tartar (from the almadrabas of Petaca Chico), tortillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters), rice,…
  • Also at the Tres Piedras beach is the Chiringuito de las Tres Piedras. Ok, the name might not be very original, but it’s a great sport for traditional “chiringuito” dishes, like the fried eggs with fried peppers and transparent gobies. And some interesting dishes that are inspired in the Nao Victoria ship, such a the Baupres salad (with the ingredients the sailors had to eat at their travels.)
  • And right at Regla beach, AWA Beach Club has some amazing views over the lighthouse and the sanctuary and some spectacular tuna tartar and sea bass ceviche. Plus, some top vegetarian options, as their Quinoa-Burrata salad, if you feel like having something lighter for lunch.


comer en Chipiona

Where to go for drinks?

  • An all-time classic is Picoco, with music ranging from Bonnie M and the Blues Brothers, to Elvis and the Boss. It’s open all year long and you can go for a gin tonic or for a nice Irish Coffee with views over the beach.
  • If you are looking for top hits and original cocktail drinks, a great place to stop by is Lo de la Lola, a small spot that has a great atmosphere for a drink with your friends.
  • Or Xiri, the cocktail bar below Agaró Hotel, has great music and is a nice spot to stop for drinks after a dinner near Regla beach.


bar Xiri hotel Agaró

  • If you feel like dancing all night, Atrincarlo is a fun spot where you can attend a concert or enjoy their local DJ resident
  • The Trinity Irish Bar is another interesting spot for gin tonics (or beer) in the area. They also have some snacks if you feel hungry.
  • And if you feel like exploring a bit far away, the SAAM, is a nice spot for a drink with the sunset over the ocean.

Any additional recommendations?

If you don’t know where to go for breakfast, we love the cafe La Pañoleta, right below the Hotel La Española, with views to Isaac Peral street. They will cook anything you feel like having for breakfast (and also have some great reviews for food, although we haven’t tried it yet). Another great option is the buffet at Hotel Agaró. Full offer including sweets, salty, eggs, fresh fruit…

And if you feel like having something and it is either too late for lunch and too early for dinner, Bo and I just discovered the  Bar Casa Charo, at our last trip. It is next to the marine and the Rocío Jurado’s statue. Loved their “menudo de choco” (below).


menudo de choco Chipion

Where to sleep in Chipiona

On our travels to Chipiona we’ve stayed at two different hotels. They are both top stays within the budget and with a professional team that can help you make the most of your visit. Location is perfect also for both, but at different places within the town, and they both have their own parking spaces and can arrange bike rentals for you, so you can move easily around and to the beaches. These are the two:

3 star hotel La Española, a small family-run hotel that is at the pedestrian area of Isaac Peral, right between the Castle and the Promenade. Spanish design with beautiful tiles, a patio and a solarium that allows to see the Chipiona from above.

Hotel Agaró, a modern hotel right at Regla beach, which is only a few years old. A modern and minimal design with a beautiful terrace (and a private swimming pool), which also offers a nice gastrobar and the Xiri club I told you about above.

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