Travel Documents

The basic documents you should get ready to travel abroad

Cartilla vacunación internacional
International Vaccination Certificate
Do you need vaccines for your next trip?
Carnet de conducir internacional
International Driving License
Will you be driving abroad?
Seguros de viaje
Travel Insurance
Do you need travel insurance?
Tarjeta sanitaria europea
European Health Card
What it is and how to get it (free)

And, if you are traveling by plane...

connecting time
Connecting time
Airport time between flights
View from the window, flying over the Japan Alps
Plane seat
Choosing the best airplane seat
Airplane food
Top tips and recommendations to eat well on a plane
Que liquidos se pueden llevar en el equipaje de mano
Carry-on liquids
Learn which liquids you can bring with you on a plane
Hand Luggage
How to make your hand luggage lighter
Como hacer la maleta para una boda
Low cost packing
When traveling for a wedding

More resources and tips to travel around the world

connecting time
Connecting time
Airport time between flights
Soft luggage
Pros & Cons to choose a soft luggage when you travel
Contratar seguro de viajes
Buying insurance
12 questions you MUST ask when buying travel insurance
Imprescindibles de viaje inusuales
Luggage must-haves
15 things that should be in your luggage (and are not)
Travel better
Discover how to make each travel more sustainable (and better)
Travel Stress-Free
Get stressed when traveling? Learn to travel better

Keep exploring

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