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6 original hotels in Madrid

6 original hotels in Madrid

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Madrid is not specially famous for being on top of the artsy vanguard. But, it does have some of the most original stays that you will find in Spain. If you are thinking on traveling to Madrid, here are some original hotels that you will sure enjoy:

1. Hotel Puerta de América

Hotel Puerta de America Madrid
*floor reception by Matt Belton via Flickr

For me, it is a bit far away from the top touristic spots. But it is really worth taking a look at, it is well connected to the city centre by metro and offers some very interesting views of the city.

This 5 star hotel has 12 floors, each of them designed by a different architect, interiors or fashion designer:

12: Jean Nouvel
11: Mariscal and Salas
10: Arata Isozaki
09: Richard Gluckman
08: Kathrin Findlay
07: Ron Arad
06: Mark Newson
05: Victorio & Lucchino
04: Plasma Studio
03: David Chipperfield
02: Norman Foster
01: Zaha Hadid
00: John Pawson
Garage: Teresa Sapey

Although each floor has a similar layout, they are all different, from plastic red spaces to black marbles or wooden walls. Rooms are also different depending on the floor they are in, so they usually offer a room menu to choose from at check-in.

2. DormirDCine

Another interesting option that is not exactly at the city centre, but close to the shopping areas of Serrano and Goya, and the financial area, is this movie-buffs hotel.

It opened in 2010 with 85 rooms painted to “highlight the works of 100 urban artists” who painted each room differently, all of them inspired on classic and modern movies and actors/actresses.

3. Hotel de las Letras

hotel de las letras madrid

A top option right at Gran Vía Street, although it goes unnoticed by most travelers. This original hotel has been designed around the written works of classic authors. Each floor has a different color and it also has its own library.

Also, the building is worth a visit. Built in 1917, it has been declared a landmark of Madrid and keeps the original “belle epoque” feeling through the tiles, the staircases and the original lift.

4. Casa de Madrid (now escala ópera)

casa de madrid hoteles originales madrid

With only 7 rooms, this hotel is located at a XVIII Century building (which is a national landmark, by the way) right across Teatro Real and only a few steps away from the Royal Palace, Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor. It used to be the home of the Opera singers visiting the Royal Theatre.

Each of the rooms is different, far away from what is expected in interiors design today, original and a bit barocque. Plus it is truly a “home”, with its own library and dining hall.

5. ME Madrid

Ok. From the inside, ME doesn’t look too apart from any other design hotel in Madrid. But has some interesting facts, like the first hotel room designed by facebook fans (23,000 ideas were sent through their faebook page and were used as inspiration for one of the Suites).

Also, it is a building with a long hotel tradition, at one of the most iconic squares of down town Madrid. It used to be the hotel of Bullfighters, with an original façade from the 1900s.

6. Posada del León de Oro

Posada León de Oro hotel boutique madrid

The last option from the list is the Posada of León de Oro, located at Cava Baja, next to Plaza Mayor and at the Rastro market. The hotel dates back to the XIX Century but refurbished in 2010, adding the modern hotel trends to a traditional “corrala” building from Madrid. Plus, it has a piece of the old XII Century walls of the city.

The hotel offers 17 rooms, each of them in a different style, and a tavern with a great number of wines from the Madrid region.

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