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trucosviajeros blogger


Off the beaten path travel blogger with a passion for ideas and innovation

Winner of 2015 blogger challenge #KayakHacksIceland, member of the Spanish Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers, and the travel influencer collectives GaliciaTB and #TBIN. She leads the @trucosviajeros and @travelto5 travel sites.

Hi, my name is Leticia

I started traveling more than 30 years ago, when I wasn’t the one who would book our travels, but my parents, with one foot in Mexico and the other one in Spain. When I was a kid I already had my passport stamped in Portugal, Canada, United States, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Germany… it was long before the Schenghen area and the Euro currency.

Then it was the time to fly on my own and I got the opportunity to study over 5.000 kilometers from home. I kept adding new experiences, and some more stamps, around the world.

Nowadays I combine my passion for discovery with Marketing Consultancy – Content marketing. I love to travel, culture (yes, all sorts of culture) and getting lost. I’m not bad at eating either.

I would love to help people to travel more, better, in a more sustainable and responsible way, and with less fears. That’s why I write about all those things nobody explains when you book your flight, like real experiences on a plane or whether traveling solo is good for you or not.

And, over all, I like to find new destinations off the road and new ways to see the traditional destinations, like London, Rome, New York or Tokyo (to say a few.)

You will find me as @trucosviajeros and at the English travel mag @TravelTo5

People I’ve worked with:

Some samples of my work:

Clear Filters
Kayak Hacks Iceland
Terras de Pontevedra
Big Berry Glamping
A Costa da Morte Enamora
I Traveler Meetup in Galicia

About my travel blogs

I’ve been making noise on the web as @trucosviajeros since 2011, which makes it one of the oldest blogs alive on the Spanish blogosphere (there are some older ones, just saying…)

It all started as an experiment to try what I was learning about Digital Marketing and the evolution of web content. It was easy for me to talk about travel and innovation, I always loved to travel and I was involved in the technological world (plus, I’ve always been a bit of a geek.) But then I realized that someone was reading what I write: the Aer Lingus post I worte in 2011 has 87 comments now and growing (it’s not the most commented one.) So I started to grow as a Content Marketer and professionalized my blogging side.

Then, in October 2016 I launched a new project:  @TravelTo5, an English speaking blog that I manage with  @BaristaOCoffeelover. Check it out for more fresh content in English and many ideas to travel the world around food, culture and alternative experiences.

Some facts and figures:

The blog in numbers

Readers are 61% female from around the world: 72% speak Spanish, 43% speak English and 17% are located in anglosaxon countries.

They are 25-34 years old (40%), 35-44 (28%), 45-54 (18%), under 25 (8%), 55-64 (12%).

And they connect through desktop (38%), mobile (56%) and tablet (6%).

@trucosviajeros followers on social media are 38% male and 62% female from around the world. They are 52% between 25 and 34 years old and 28% from 35 to 44.

They are interested in: Travel news and trends | Hotels | Holidays | Luxury travel | Travel Technology | Airtravel | Business travel | Europe

*Statistics are updated quarterly. Sources: Twitter, Facebook and Google Analytics + Quantcast

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(year 2019)
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Let’s talk


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