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#Stockholm’s underground: how to visit the artsy metro stations if you don’t have much time

#Stockholm’s underground: how to visit the artsy metro stations if you don’t have much time

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One of the best things you can do in Stockholm all year is to visit its underground stations. I went to Sweden for a TBEX Conference and didn’t have much spare time, so I researched the best way to visit the most shocking and stunning stations at Stockholm’s underground with a single ride.

Here you will find the best way to browse the amazing Stockholm’s underground – Tunnelbana in three short routes. Each route is on a different underground line, but all of them go through T-Centralen station, making it easy to visit them all in less than 1 hour and with one single ticket (or just one of them in 10 to 20 minutes.)

Route 1: the artsy stations at the Blue Line

The blue line of Tunnelbana has three stunning stations: Kungsträdgården, T-Centralen and Rådhuset, which are just one next to the other. Here are the reasons why you should take a look at them:

Kungsträdgården is another quirky station worth taking a look at. It’s just below the Central or King’s Garden, just a short walk from Central Station, Gamla Stan and Riksplan. The design resembles an archaeological excavation.

Just don’t step down at the station and get back to the train. Most of the most interesting features are at the station halls and corridors. So take a walk around the station before heading to the next one.

Kungsträdgården Tunnelbana station

Kungsträdgården underground station

Kungsträdgården subway Stockholm

Next station in the blue line is T-centralen is one of the most photographed stations in Stockholm. It’s the beautiful white and blue station with the leaves – plants design and is located right below Central Station and the Town Hall.

In order to enjoy this beautiful station you need to go down to the blue line, as the other lines have just regular platform designs. And, if you are coming to this station through the blue line, take a minute to go up the escalator for some interesting drawings on the upper hall.

Stockholm artistic central station

T Centralen beautiful metro stration Stockholm

T Centralen station Tunnelbana Stockholm

And just following north is station Rådhuset, with a reddish design that tries to emulate a mine, it also uses organic architecture, leaving the bedrock exposed and un-sculptured, with some decoration like cave buckets and old elevator tracks. In this area you will find Stockholm’s Court house.

Stockholm subway design

Radhuset underground station Stockholm

Other interesting stations in the blue line (but a longer ride) are: Solna Centrum, Rinkeby and Akalla (these last two at the other end of the Tunnelbana’s blue line)

2: nice Red line stations

The red line crosses through T Centralen and connects the central station with Gamla Stan. If you go on the opposite direction, you will find these amazing stations, just pick the train going towards Mörby Centrum or Tekniska Högskolan.

Östermalmstorg is not a “beautiful” subway but it is worth stopping by. But all around its concrete walls you will find modern art carvings that talk about music, human and women’s rights, nature and peace. It’s a nice stop as it’s quite different from the other famous stations in Stockholm and you won’t need to step out of the platforms to find the most interesting pieces.

Modern art at Stockholms subway stations

Nature and peace rights at Stockholm subway

Next is Stadion, the rainbow station. It is dedicated to the 1912 Olympics, held in Stockholm. This is another bedrock station, but all of it painted in blue, with some posters of the Olympics and little details all around.

The old olympic stadium above the station is also worth a visit if you have some spare time.


And next is Tekniska Högskolan, a station that refers to the Royal Technology Institute. Here you will find experiments and scientific concepts, like the Newton apple below.

Also note the swedish flag on the escalator. They colored it because that day was the birthday of the heir to the throne of Sweden: Victoria Ingrid Alice Désirée.

Tekniska subway station in Stockholms Subway

Swedish flag at subways escalators

Newtons apple at the subway staion

Other amazing underground stations at the red line are: Universitet (just one stop from Tekniska) and Alby (at the other end of the red line).

3: Interesting stations on the Green line

And, finally, on the green line you can find some different underground stations. The ones near T Centralen are not that spectacular, but if you are willing to go a bit further, take your last trip 6 stations towards Hässelby to my favorite design in Thoridsplan.

But first, stop by Hötorget, one stop from T-Centralen and right below the Haymarket food market and the blue Konserthus where the Nobel ceremony takes place each year. The nice thing is that if follows an old fashion design with tiled walls and a light installation.  Next two stations are also tiled.

Thorildsplan has some interesting Space Invaders’ tiled design. Most of it is on the access ramps that take you to the station halls. Don’t miss the mushrooms and the smiling clouds :)

Have you been there? Which was your favorite station?

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