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9 Photos – 9 reasons to fall in love with Costa da Morte, Spain

9 Photos – 9 reasons to fall in love with Costa da Morte, Spain

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  • 9 Photos – 9 reasons to fall in love with Costa da Morte, Spain
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Far from the sun and the beach-style idea of Spain, there’s a place where the world ends and legends and myths are still alive. Welcome to #slowtravel, these are 9 reasons why I’ve fallen in love with Costa da Morte.

Praia do Rostro - Rostro Beach Muxia Finisterre Galicia
Praia do Rostro opens to the ocean. There are beaches like this all through the coast line, brave and virgin. But here, when the storm is strong, there’s a ship that arises from under the sand.
Capes, cliffs and cows at Muxia Cape Touriñan Cabo Tourinan Galicia
Cows pose for the picture at Cabo Touriñan, Muxia. They might not now how to use Twitter, though. In Winter, these might be your only companion on the road.
Conger eels - Congrio seco Galicia
There’s a food culture all around Galicia that talks about fresh product and powerful taste. Conger eels sun dry at the coast of Muxia, but they are made for export to the inner regions of Spain
Mar de Fora
Fishing men come to the end of the world, at Mar de Fora beach, when the sun is down. They are looking for Seabass when the tide is high and the ocean wild on the rocks.
pedra-cabalgada-dumbria-costa-da-morte pedra do brazal
2 strange stones stack at Dumbria’s Pedra Cabalgada in front of Monte Pindo. Who put one of top of the other? It remains a mistery but there is magic in the air.
Where the Romans believed the world ended, there’s an ocean crushing with the cliffs all the time. A battle of stones and water, but also of gods and men.
At night, lighthouses guide the ships safe home, making them aware of the deadly coast that surrounds them.
Inner seas near the ocean, the dams built to create the energy that moves the area.
Xallas river crushes in the ocean. But not through a Ria, this is Ezaro’s waterfall. A 100 meters fall who’s beauty is still intact despite the fires that burn the area a couple of years ago.


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What to see at A Costa da Morte Spain


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Marilyn Albright
2 June, 2015 at 11:18 pm

The mood of your photos makes us feel the magic of Costa Da Morte.

Thanks for visiting and following my blog.

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