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Terras de Pontevedra

Content Creation

Pontevedra, Spain


terras de pontevedra
Salinas de Ulló Ria de Vigo Galicia

The region of Terras de Pontevedra was looking to promote the touristic points of Pontevedra, Poio, Marín, Ponte Caldelas, Campo Lameiro, Vilaboa and Cotobade.

The connecting thread? Petroglyphs.

The goal? To highlight the touristic attractions of the region, balancing the different towns involved and connecting a more specialized target.


Creation of touristic content that would reach the set target travelers (families, culture-buffs, gastrolovers, naturelovers) through the app and website.

The techniques applied are the ones of inbound marketing for web and digital content generation.


Created text and photo content for two platforms:

  • The destination blog, with content in Galician and Spanish for the different targets, which are published weekly and include a downloadable version in PDF format.
  • Mobile app (iOS and Android), creating 4 themed touristic routes inside the destination. Travelers can do these routes on their own with the help of the app, navigating through the different touristic attractions of the 7 villages involved.

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