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My name is Leticia and I am a Marketing Consultant who finds inspiration visiting unique places and hidden gems off the beaten path.

This is What I do while I travel the world



Going digital is more than posting in Social Networks and writing a Blog. I help businesses and entrepreneurs define the strategies and tools that will help them reach their goals.



Text, Visuals, interaction. I work with different projects, creating the content that helps them reach, attract, convert and engage the right audiences.



I help individuals deep dive in the different digital channels so they can make the most of them. Experience and knowledge to build practical learning for the real world.

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Looking for rock art in Galicia bronze age spain
08 May: A trip back to the Bronze Age in Galicia with the Rock Art Roll team

When I was a kid, I used to love the Indiana Jones movies. Of course, the movie series does not portray archaeologists right and I kind of agree with Amy from BigBangTheory. But I still have a thing for discovery and learning, so every once in a while I try to visit a museum (the British Museum is in my top ten). So, when RockArtRoll invited us to visit one of the biggest collections on Rock Art in all Europe, I had to be in. The route would take us to Ponte Caldelas and Cotobade, near the city of Pontevedra (a must visit in the area). The theme: the prehistoric hunt of the deer. Touron Rock Art Site We started the route at Touron, a small village with an open air (and free access) 150.000 square meters area that includes many petroglyphs, a small forest and some amazing views of the region. The site has…

cabañas de Lires
20 Apr: Where to eat and sleep at Costa da Morte, Spain

A couple of weeks ago I visited the Muxía, Fisterra and Dumbria area, the south and less known area of Costa da Morte in Spain. One of those amazing places in Galicia where your only option is to go there by car or hiking through Camino de Santiago (the extension way from Santiago de Compostela just covers this area on an almost round route.) The area is full of great places where to enjoy the rich Galician gastronomy and enjoy the slow living of its inhabitants. We were on a route (#acostadamorteenamora) that would take us through the most beautiful places on the area, and these are the places we visited (for food and sleep). Sleeping at Lires We set our base at Lires, a small town well-known for an amazing sunset (known as the Lires sunset). We couldn’t see this beautiful sunset at Costa da Morte, the weather was awful…

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Slovenia Giveaway - Photo fom Ljubljana dragons by Ville Miettinen on Flickr
23 May: With love from Slovenia: a postcard giveaway that isn’t just postcards

You know I’m getting ready for my trip to Slovenia next June and I wanted to take you all there with me. While Swiss air won’t let me take you in my luggage, I thought it would be nice to get you some presents from my Slovenian trip. So, here it comes: From Slovenia with Love Giveaway While I started thinking about sending a few postcards from Slovenia, I am traveling to a new country and I wanted this to be something a bit different. So, I’m not just sending 5 handwritten postcards from Slovenia. Here’s what you can get by entering the giveaway: a traditional craft piece from Slovenia. It won’t be an expensive one, but it will be a traditional artisan piece. I would love to send salt, a bottle of wine or craft beer, but since the giveaway will be opened worldwide, I won’t know what I will…

Ljubljana city view from Vladimir Yaitskiy kronny on Flickr
22 May: Thinking outside the box: Best airports if you are flying on a budget to Slovenia

It is no secret, I’m flying to Slovenia in just a couple of weeks, and while I already got my tickets, the search was a bit tougher than I’m used to. So I’ve decided to share the “best flight to Slovenia” search. I must admit that I started looking at flights that went directly from A to B (in this case from Madrid to Ljubljana), but that was not an easy or cheap choice. So what could I do? I wasn’t going to accept just the few options a MAD – LJU flight was about to offer. I chose to think outside the box instead and started looking for airports in a radius of 250 km or less. These are the best options I found: a. Flying to Slovenia via Italy: Trieste & Venezia TRS / VCE Flying to Venice’s airports was one of the major options if you want to save on…

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