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My name is Leticia and I am a Marketing Consultant who finds inspiration visiting unique places and hidden gems off the beaten path.

This is What I do while I travel the world



Going digital is more than posting in Social Networks and writing a Blog. I help businesses and entrepreneurs define the strategies and tools that will help them reach their goals.



Text, Visuals, interaction. I work with different projects, creating the content that helps them reach, attract, convert and engage the right audiences.



I help individuals deep dive in the different digital channels so they can make the most of them. Experience and knowledge to build practical learning for the real world.

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Portugal en coche autopistas autovias portugal
17 May: Driving through Portugal: the definitive guide of highway tolls

Driving through Portugal is one of the best ways to discover the country’s secrets. There are many places you won’t be able to visit by train (like Montanhas Magicas or Miranda do Douro), buses are not even an option to consider in most cases and, while you could travel by foot along the Camino de Santiago, not everybody has the time for that. So, with the goal to help you explore beyond the famous spots, I’ve decided to clarify the highway code and how to use the highways and speed ways (and pay their tolls.) How is it like to drive in Portugal? In general terms, it is very easy to drive around Portugal: signage is usually good, GPS work fine (Google usually loses the GPS signal at the worst time ever, but you can also try waze, which some friends say works better). Driving is mostly like anywhere else…

Porta do Inferno San Pedro do Sul Portugal
27 Apr: Short trips to disconnect in Portugal: a road trip through the Magical Mountains – Montanhas Mágicas, Portugal

There are still some places in Europe where getting lost is a pleasure and disconnecting a must. Places where the world stops and nature connects you with prehistoric times with infinite landscapes. You can find a few of them in Portugal, like the beautiful magical mountains Montanhas Magicas, between Porto and Lisbon. A road trip here has high mountain ranges, stunning little villages, unique entrepreneurs, miracles and crazy hermits… So, if you are looking for a short road trip to disconnect, take a trip to Centro de Portugal and do it! Note: if you need advice on how it is to drive around Portugal and how toll roads work, I tell you all at this post 😉 1.- Follow the steps of a lost train through the calm and quiet life of Vouga river We start our road trip at Sever do Vouga. Just a short drive from the village you…


Claustro del monasterio de Celanova
04 Aug: Galicia (almost) unknown: what you can’t miss when you visit Celanova (besides the Monastery)

This weekend, there is a major party in Celanova: it’s A Ramallosa! Almost 15.000 handmade paper lanterns will light the village as a previous pilgrimmage of the Virgen de la Encarnación (Virgin of the Incarnation), which will happen this first sunday of August. While this is a great excuse to visit Celanova on itself, there is much more to see and do in Celanova, near Ourense. Here you have my must-sees in Celanova, to get you inspired for the weekend (or any other time of the year). The “Praza Maior” Celanova’s main square or plaza mayor is the first thing tourists see in Celanova. It is not a “plaza mayor” like the ones in Madrid or Salamanca. Here the rain and the winter cold (or the summer heat) have made people much more pragmatic, so you won’t see arched paths or terraces. On the one hand, the Monastery of Saint…

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tsukiji market
24 Jul: When Tsukiji closes: what to do in the area of the famous Tokyo fish market

Update Winter 2018: The wholesale market of Tsukiji (the tuna auction place) is now closed and moved to Toyosu. But after so many years in the area, the Tsukiji are is still worth a visit. Read below what you can’t miss in the outer market and beyond. With the fish market move postponed without fixed date (rumor has it it will happen in October 2018, but it’s been postponed again and again…) the most important fish market in the world is still a key visit in Tokyo. But you have to wake up early and you might find out that all the seats were taken already, or that the market is closed for the day…  So, for each of you who have asked… Is it worth visiting Tsukiji if you are not going to the tuna auction? What else should we visit in Tsukiji? When is it open? Here we…

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