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Fast web check

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Are you getting
the results you want with your website?

No website is 100% perfect, but there are a couple of things that can help you get closer to web perfection.

Find out which they are, just below[/foundry_hero]

Web Analysis in 10 key points

Move from left to right to uncover the major mistakes you might be making on your website, from content to basic strategy.


1. Are you talking
to the right people?

Sometimes we have a website with lots of visits but we don’t get the results we want. Most of the times the reason behind this is that we are attracting the wrong target.

Just like on a TV ad, you wouldn’t say the same things when you are trying to attract C-level managers or teenagers.

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2. Is your online style

Web projects evolve and, sometimes, some of the pages get outdated both in their content and the design. This can be confusing for the users.

And, sometimes, we are just trying to attract so many different people that we end up sendind mixed messages.


3. Are you using SEO
in your favor?

Search Engine Optimization is complex in many ways, but it is also a great tool to make our website findable by our target.

If you believe that the people visiting your site was looking for something different or doesn’t fit your target, part of the problem will be in the way you are doing SEO.

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4. Are your links

You’d be amazed how many broken links I find just checking the social media links of a website. Broken links create a bad web experience and are damaging your positioning.


5. Your added value,
is clear?

Sometimes it is hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Make a point, stand out from the crowd and convince your visitor why you are better than the rest.

And give priority to what your target values more. A BMW fleet of cars won’t be as valued by someone renting a car than by someone who wants their luggage delivered.

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6. Can you tell the value
of your content?

It is hard if you don’t know what’s working and what not. This is the reason why website analytics is so important for your web.


7. Are you taking advantage
of Social Media?

Placing a link to your social media and a share button is not enough. Get your content ready to be shared in Social Media and attract new readers and potencial clients.

And check that the links you put in your web are the ones you are really using.

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8. Are you using
the calendar?

Most small and medium size companies don’t use an editorial calendar. Planning content allows businesses to take advantage of the trends of the season and connect with target users.


9. Are you doing all it takes
to attract and get new clients?

Many websites and blogs are not ready yet to transform visitors into clients. Call to action, landing pages, subscription… you don’t need to have an e-commerce to sell online.

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10. Have you checked
your grammar and spelling?

It might be the last point, but not the less important. Being professional online is also being grammatically correct.

And, if you are not writing in your own language, Google Translate is not enough.



I will do the web check for you, so you can start optimizing your web.

[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-eye” layout=”small-left” title=”Eye for detail”]There are big mistakes, easy to spot ones and harder to detect.

I will use my eye for detail to focus on critical problems, the ones that can be damaging your sales.[/foundry_icon_box]

[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-direction-alt” layout=”small-left” title=”with recommendations”]I will add some tips and recommendations so you can fix the mistakes by yourself.[/foundry_icon_box]
[foundry_icon_box icon=”ti-pencil-alt” layout=”small-left” title=”10 mistakes = 100 €”]Your website problems are making you lose opportunities. How much do you think they are worth? ¿10, 20… 600€?

This is what I’ll do: 10€ x 10 mistakes = 100€[/foundry_icon_box]

Test me.

Do you think your web is perfect? Take the challenge! I’ll find 10 things you can improve on your website in 48 hours.


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