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Priority Pass – VIP lounges

Connecting flights can be a nightmare or a luxurious experience, it depends on how you do it. While most of the time, a bit of patience, a great book and some time to explore around can be enough, but there are some ugly airports where a VIP lounge can save your trip.

Some VIP lounges are a paradise on earth: design, clean showers, free food and drinks, a nice wifi connection… So if you are traveling a lot by plane, you should check the Priority Pass cards (not credit cards).

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Choose from the different passes the one that fits best your travel style and frequency. For example, the cheapest plan gives you access to a reduced ticket at more than 1300 VIP lounges around the globe, without having to travel with major airlines or business/executive tickets.

The expensive passes provide you with free access (10 at the 233€ one, unlimited for the 359€ one). The cheapest option, allows you to get in for 28€. And all of them allow your friends and family use the reduced price of 28€ per use.

For example, let’s say you are traveling to Madrid, you could be gettin in for 28€ (or free) instead of paying the airport’s discounted price of 34.90€, so you would be saving about 6€. And you would get free food and drinks (alcoholic drinks are not always included at the different lounges) better wifi connection, magazines to read and more space for yourself. Some lounges even offer showers or SPA services.

Also, if you were thinking on having something “light” at the airport, expect the cheapest menu option to be around 8€ (or more).

With the intermediate pass, you would be paying those 10 free ones at 24€ each, so you would be saving more than 10€ per use, which is really convenient for frequent flyers. The unlimited one is better for those doing 3 intercontinental trips per year or traveling for business all the time.


Discount is 10% and applies automatically when you click on the link above. Let me know if it doesn’ work.


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