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Japan Rail Pass Calculator

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An office xls (Excel) document to check easily if it is worth buying the Japan Rail Pass or not, with the tips from the post Is it worth buying the Japan Rail Pass? (with alternatives and recommendations to travel Japan by train.)

And yes, it is free!

An XLS Excel document to calculate easy if it is worth buying the Japan Rail Pass for your next trip to Japan. Follow the steps:

  1. Download the document
  2. Choose among the "typical" trips (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima...) and wether it would be a return ticket or one-way
  3. Add those "off-the-route" trips you are planning
  4. The document will tell you how much you save with each pass (7, 14 or 21) or if you don't

Plus, I recommend you to read all the tips at the post  with alternatives to move around Japan and how to go from Narita airport to downtown Tokyo.

And yes, it is free.

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