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Events for travel bloggers. Where can you find travel bloggers in 2019 (and the last months of 2018)

Events for travel bloggers. Where can you find travel bloggers in 2019 (and the last months of 2018)

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While it might seem that we have almost the same thing year, after year, when I shared this “events for travel bloggers” list last season, I got some great feedback from travel bloggers and brands alike. So I decided to publish it on the site for everyone to see and connect.

Note: if you want to know where I will be this year, check my Calendar here on the site. It’s almost impossible to be on every thing that appears here on the list.

So, here we go: these are the events where you can meet with travel bloggers in 2018-2019:


ATWS Adventure Travel World Summit – 15 October Italy

The Adventure Travel Association has its annual event closer this year: at termas de Montecatini Tuscany. This is one of those events that change location every single edition. The gather many travel writers and bloggers, who will also have a specific meetup with tour operators and DMOs.

They fill up quickly and members of the association have priority on the list, but you will have more chances at:

  • 2019 European Summer in September – Sweden. You can sign up to their newsletter so they tell you when you can sign up
  • LATAM Summit in Brazil for November is closed for Media but you might catch one of the last spots for brands
  • Asian Summit in India for December is also closed for Media, but with spaces for brands and other participants
  • The Summit in Jordan next April still allows Media submissions up until mid-November
  • North America in New York for June, will open submissions for Media in the next following weeks

If you are member of the media /press /influencers, take into account that every summit follows a strict sign up process that closes 6 months before the event dates. They always post which kind of media or content they are looking for and then select 20-30 participants among all submissions (they publish the list 3 months in advance so you can plan your travels accordingly).

TIS Focus on Influencers – 26 October Madrid

The team at Trablin has two different events (one free for bloggers, one pay for everyone). This year is a half-day event at Meliá Castilla Hotel in Madrid. MIght not be an event as big or content full as other events on the list, but being free and specifically targeted to travel bloggers, could be a nice place to start.


WTM – 5 to 7 London

World Travel Market is, together with ITB the most important tourism fair in Europe. Here the theme is “business, business, business” so you can go hunt for brochures, but most stands work with pre-set appointments and it will be difficult to meet with somebody from PR or a blogger without an appointment.

Even then, you will find two elements that will make it worth: talks and conferences are really worth attending, and they take travel bloggers more seriously than other trade shows.

Bloggers count as media and they are free to attend (registration required), except for the Speed Networking, which costs a fee of 48 pounds if you are selected but don’t attend (last year brands could go to the networking for free, don’t know about this year).

Also, there are a few events for bloggers that brands can also attend: Traverse and Travel Massive are among the most popular.

TIS Marrakech – 16 to 17 Morocco

The other Trablin event (quite new but attracting some very interesting travel bloggers). It’s a TBEX-style event for brands and bloggers. Both type of assistants pay to go and attend the lectures, including some free tours that let you discover a bit of the destination.

They might be announcing something else for March-April-May, so stay tuned.


Matka – 17 to 20 Finland

Matka is the nordic travel fair. It happens every year in Helsinki around the same dates and, just like Fitur, has some professional days and public days (note that WTM only has professional days.)

They also organize some seminars and tours for travel writers and influencers under the name of Nordic Bloggers’ Experience that will be attending the fair. Last year, they changed their team, so I don’t still know what they will be doing this year, but you can still attend the trade show for free as a member of the press.

Fitur – 23 to 27 Madrid

The Spanish travel show is a bit different from WTM. While it’s been running for years, this half trade show – half general public event, is usually a place to (re) connect and not a place for closing business. So, is it worth it?

You will find here hundreds of travel bloggers, who meet at different events and have different appointments with the regions of their interest. Bloggers attend free (not as media, but through the same sign up page) and every year they hold a controversial (and every year less popular) “best travel blog” contest.

Other interesting events that happen this days in Madrid are:

  • Quedada de Minube, a meetup for all sorts of travelers which attracts hundreds of bloggers every year
  • TBM meetup, a classic meetup for travel writers with regular publications, but without published date now (will see what happens with this)
  • Chapka Cañas Viajeras, a night at a club in downtown Madrid with some free drinks and lots of travelers (free to attend)
  • Birratour, a beers and blogs sort of event that offers only a limited number of seats but is great to see and be seen (and they usually reach top trending topic positions against things like BigBrother and such).

New York Times Travel Show – 25-27 New York

NYTTS is another of those events that haven’t been designed just for bloggers, but that are visited by hundreds. Entrance for bloggers is free, but has to be screened by their PR people. Seminars seem to be some of the best of the year and tickets are not among the most expensive, so it might be worth looking at.



ITB Berlin – 6-10 Germany

One of the most important travel shows in Europe and also one that welcomes travel bloggers with open arms. You don’t need to talk German to attend, as business is also done in English. Blogger accreditation opens mid November and they also have a Speed Networking for travel bloggers (separate sign up process too.)



Women in Travel Summit 3 to 5 Portland

The women behind She’s Wanderful gets together another Women in Travel Summit, a meetup that attracts over 100 female travel bloggers, brands and tourism agencies and DMO. Location changes every year, but innovation (and women) is key here.



II Jornadas Viajeras de Galicia – Galicia

Date to be confirmed (and exact location in Galicia), but being  the annual event of the travel bloggers association of Galicia and targeting all sorts of travelers (brands, bloggers and anyone who likes traveling is welcome, for free) it will sure be the place to be next June.

Informal environment, new destinations and travel entrepreneurs, stay tuned to their site for additional info.

Traverse 19 – 8-9 Italy

Another macro event for bloggers and influencers, and another event in Italy this season. At Traverse you will find all sorts of creators. It’s pay for both brands and bloggers (tickets run fast.)


TBEX North America – 11 to 13 USA

TBEX seems to be going back to the US market and their only event published for 2019 is the one in Montana next September.

The good side of TBEX is that you will meet so many international bloggers from the US and Europe, there are free 1 day tours and some press trips with the local DMO (you will have to go through a screening process for these).

Yet to be confirmed

The Travel Bloggers Meeting is, most probably, the strongest blogging event in Spain. It changes location every year and they do smaller meetings and a macro event that they skipped last year.

Travel Massive is another great resource holding events in every corner of the world. You can check their site for seminars, meetups and bigger events. It is targeted to bloggers and startups, who can network and learn. You can check your closest chapter (and join for news and events) or check their calendar every once in a while).

The women of We Are Travel Girls also organize meetups and events for bloggers around the world. They will be in LA in December and London in January, for example.


Any interesting event I skipped? Just let me know in the comments so I can add it ;)

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