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World Heritage

These are some of my visits to world heritage sites around the world. From Nikko in Japan to Lugo in Spain, visit the blog for travel tips on how, when and what to visit
Nijo Castle Japan

24 May: Planning a trip to Japan – some ideas for a couple of friends who are getting married

Last week I went to check a wedding list from some amazing couple that is getting married (yes, you know who you are) and they had chosen all items from a possible weeding trip to Japan. While I won’t buy any from the list, they already have their gifts, I decided to write something they asked me about: What to pick when you are planning a trip to Japan? Tokyo, the technologic and the traditional I have a thing for big cities, but even if you don’t, you should never avoid Tokyo. Some people say it is too big and too modern, but when you get there you just have to love it. Ok, they don’t speak English (most of them) and the transport is chaotic, but you can find everything you want in Tokyo and you should spend there at least two full days (on a short trip.)   What to…

Blue tiles guimaraes

21 Mar: Guimarães, Portugal – from the #RescuedPhotos project

Last month I decided I would post pics from my pre-blog trips, those that I did before I had a digital camera or a digital life. Some will take you to places unchanged, others will prove how cities evolve and how 10 years can make a huge difference. Today I am rescueing Guimarães in the north of Portugal. We went there around this time of the season, more tan 10 years ago, by car. So, why visit Guimarães ? They say that Portugal was born here. I don’t know if that’s true, but here was born the first Portuguese King: Alfonso Henriques (Alfonso the Conqueror or Alfonso I). This King is the King that secured Portugal’s Independence from Leon in the XII century and the one that took the muslims out of Lisbon and Santarém. And that might be the reason why you will find him in many places when you…