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Graffiti Djerba Island Djerbahood

19 Apr: Learning about Graffiti in an unexpected place: Tunisia

My liking for street art started long time ago in Mexico city. The amazing murals from Orozco, Siqueiros or Diego Rivera inspired my childhood and later the my parents’ passion for art took me to museums and cities all around the world where I learnt about the different ways to understand what “art” and “culture” stand for. I’m not a writer (graffiti artist) and certainly cannot be called an expert, but I’ve learnt to enjoy even the more basic forms of it and, sometimes, even to read some of the messages behind. For the last couple of years, I’ve been adding a graffiti to my travel quests. From Reykjavik to Porto, this has allowed me to enjoy great street art, from big pieces to small details hiding behind a street sign or up in a wall. But still, I didn’t expect to find great graffiti on my last trip to Tunisia. My mistake! There…

Why travel to Tunisia in 2017

17 Mar: Go back to Tunisia! Why now is the perfect time to travel to Tunisia

This year, when I started writing my travel resolutions, I forgot (again) to write down Tunisia. It was not because of fear or money, that I didn’t write “travel to Tunisia” on the list. But because I kept finding some other destinations that my friends or family felt more comfortable with. Yes, shame on me! For years I’ve been telling people that you can’t travel where others want you to go. That you should go where you want to go. And I found myself doing just that. So, when the team at the Spanish Federation of Travel Journalists invited me to their congress in Tunisia, I chose better. I had been postponing my trip to Tunisia for too long. And it feels like it’s been a lot of us who’ve done just that. So, if you are still wondering if it’s right or wrong to visit Tunisia now, I’ve made a list…