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Imprescindibles de viaje inusuales

10 Feb: 15 things you should always pack for travel (but I’m sure you’ve never have)

Every single one of us has some bad packing habits. Yes, me too. That’s the reason why I have created some packing printables that I use and keep asking others what’s the best way to pack for travel (there’s always a better way or a different way I can learn from). So, I’ve ended up with a very interesting list of things that most travelers never thought of and are now…

Aeropuerto de Madrid

08 Feb: Tips to feel like home in Madrid Airport (in 2018)

After so many years flying to / from the 4 terminals of Madrid-Barajas airport (now Adolfo Suárez Airport), I’ve spent so much time at the airport that I’ve even considered like a holidays home. It is a terrible home, I must admit, but it isn’t as difficult to navigate as some say, so here are some tips to move around Madrid airport easily: 1.There are no announcements through the PA…

Nomadas digitales oficinas espacios de trabajo

16 Jan: Where do digital nomads work when they travel?

Whenever I talk about digital nomadism or freelancing, specially about having clients located hundreds of miles away and working for them while I travel, they picture me at a sad hotel room hunting for wifi and eating nachos… Ten years ago I would have thought just the same. And, while I know more than 30 digital nomads that really make a living while they travel (most of them are not…


13 May: Travel infographic: the math behind a flight transfer (with luggage)

Lately I get a lot of messages asking if they have enough time to do a flight transfer at this or that airport. The truth is that I do not usually stop to think about these issues, I like airports and I always prefer long transfers instead of running from place to place. But as it is an option that is not always available, here it is: the unwritten formula to know…

how to fight travel stress

20 May: 8 tricks to fight travel stress (specially if you are travelling for business)

Travel can be stressful: change of schedules, depending on others, unfamiliar places and annoying company can make you sad, mad or both. Some of us really enjoy the process, but while we are a small percentage, here are some tips and tricks for fighting stress. Specially for those who want to travel stress free for business. Relax from your trip If you are traveling for business, make room for tourism and…