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Archive: all the articles to travel through Sweden published to date
Why visit Kalmar Castle Sweden

07 Jun: Uncovering Kalmar: not just a beautiful castle

It’s high season in Sweden now, but still one of the best times to explore the country on your own, from island to island and town to town. I wished I had more time to explore and drive, but let’s face it, I enjoy traveling by train just as much (just can’t stop everywhere I like.) Kalmar is a small town surrounded by the waters of the Baltic sea, which makes it a perfect spot for sailing and, apparently for swimming and bird watching too. So, on our route through Smaland we set to Kalmar to see the stunning medieval castle (history buffs, you’ll enjoy it here) and find out what else the city has to offer. Which was a really good idea, certified by the Swedes, who have chosen this place as the best place for Summer (three years in a row). We started our visit through the city…

Tiled art at Stockholm underground

10 Sep: #Stockholm’s underground: how to visit the artsy metro stations if you don’t have much time

One of the best things you can do in Stockholm all year is to visit its underground stations. I went to Sweden for a TBEX Conference and didn’t have much spare time, so I researched the best way to visit the most shocking and stunning stations at Stockholm’s underground with a single ride. Here you will find the best way to browse the amazing Stockholm’s underground – Tunnelbana in three short routes. Each route is on a different underground line, but all of them go through T-Centralen station, making it easy to visit them all in less than 1 hour and with one single ticket (or just one of them in 10 to 20 minutes.) Route 1: the artsy stations at the Blue Line The blue line of Tunnelbana has three stunning stations: Kungsträdgården, T-Centralen and Rådhuset, which are just one next to the other. Here are the reasons why you should take…


26 Aug: A writers’ paradise: following the steps of Astrid Lindgren in Vimmerby – Småland, Sweden –

If there’s something that’s ever inspired me to travel, that is reading. Reading as much as I could and from every single place in the world. Stories that were fun or sad, fast or slow, wild or quiet… And while that hasn’t made me a writer, it has given me the opportunity to travel when I couldn’t do it as much as I wanted. Las month, I had the chance to connect those two passions: traveling and reading for a trip that would take me to the world of red houses, green forests and magic of Astrid Lindgren in Småland, Sweden. If you haven’t read a book by her (yet), take a walk to your local library and look for the stories from Pippi Longstocking, the boy Emil, Ronja and many more. They are in the children’s book  category, but don’t underestimate these stories. They include strong kids, quirky adults, freedom and the right…