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Slovenian town Metlika

31 Jul: Falling in love with Slovenia: slow traveling the country from Bela Krajina #BigBerryKolpa

Slovenia was not initially on my bucket list. But, by the time I set foot there, I knew I could fall deeply in love with it. For me, this trip to Slovenia was about to be a new experience in many ways: I was going to Slovenia -for the first time-glamping -first time too- at BigBerry -the recently launched glamping campsite at the Kolpa river-. To sum up to that, I…

postojna caves baby dragon proteus sign Slovenia

29 Jun: 12 reasons why you should add #Slovenia to your bucket list now

There are plenty of reasons why you should travel to Slovenia now. Take a look below and find the one that calls you, because I promise that this country will steal your heart. 1. Slovenia is made for vacation You go on holidays and when you come back you feel like you need a vacation from vacation. Been there? Done that?Well, that is not bound to happen in Slovenia. If…

Slovenia Giveaway - Photo fom Ljubljana dragons by Ville Miettinen on Flickr

23 May: With love from Slovenia: a postcard giveaway that isn’t just postcards

You know I’m getting ready for my trip to Slovenia next June and I wanted to take you all there with me. While Swiss air won’t let me take you in my luggage, I thought it would be nice to get you some presents from my Slovenian trip. So, here it comes: From Slovenia with Love Giveaway While I started thinking about sending a few postcards from Slovenia, I am traveling…

Ljubljana city view from Vladimir Yaitskiy kronny on Flickr

22 May: Thinking outside the box: Best airports if you are flying on a budget to Slovenia

It is no secret, I’m flying to Slovenia in just a couple of weeks, and while I already got my tickets, the search was a bit tougher than I’m used to. So I’ve decided to share the “best flight to Slovenia” search. I must admit that I started looking at flights that went directly from A to B (in this case from Madrid to Ljubljana), but that was not an…