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Slovenian town Metlika

31 Jul: Falling in love with Slovenia: slow traveling the country from Bela Krajina #BigBerryKolpa

Slovenia was not initially on my bucket list. But, by the time I set foot there, I knew I could fall deeply in love with it. For me, this trip to Slovenia was about to be a new experience in many ways: I was going to Slovenia -for the first time-glamping -first time too- at BigBerry -the recently launched glamping campsite at the Kolpa river-. To sum up to that, I was traveling in Summer, something which I haven’t done in the last 5-6 years, or more. The idea was to relax and slow travel the country, an out of the radar destination right in the Mediterranean. What I found was a country I could feel like home and people I could relate to in many ways. I have told you why you should visit Slovenia before, but let me tell you how I fell in love with it: A warm welcome with a glass of…

postojna caves baby dragon proteus sign Slovenia

29 Jun: 12 reasons why you should add #Slovenia to your bucket list now

There are plenty of reasons why you should travel to Slovenia now. Take a look below and find the one that calls you, because I promise that this country will steal your heart. 1. Slovenia is made for vacation You go on holidays and when you come back you feel like you need a vacation from vacation. Been there? Done that?Well, that is not bound to happen in Slovenia. If there is a list of places where people rush or walk fast, Ljubljana is certainly not on it. Does it mean that you have to wait for everything? Nope, not at all. It only means that they love to enjoy life and they do, without making you wait or rush. Just let yourself go and enjoy Slovenia like a local, they’ll welcome you in. 2. It’s a small place OK. Slovenia is not a big country, which makes it a great…

Slovenia Giveaway - Photo fom Ljubljana dragons by Ville Miettinen on Flickr

23 May: With love from Slovenia: a postcard giveaway that isn’t just postcards

You know I’m getting ready for my trip to Slovenia next June and I wanted to take you all there with me. While Swiss air won’t let me take you in my luggage, I thought it would be nice to get you some presents from my Slovenian trip. So, here it comes: From Slovenia with Love Giveaway While I started thinking about sending a few postcards from Slovenia, I am traveling to a new country and I wanted this to be something a bit different. So, I’m not just sending 5 handwritten postcards from Slovenia. Here’s what you can get by entering the giveaway: a traditional craft piece from Slovenia. It won’t be an expensive one, but it will be a traditional artisan piece. I would love to send salt, a bottle of wine or craft beer, but since the giveaway will be opened worldwide, I won’t know what I will…

Ljubljana city view from Vladimir Yaitskiy kronny on Flickr

22 May: Thinking outside the box: Best airports if you are flying on a budget to Slovenia

It is no secret, I’m flying to Slovenia in just a couple of weeks, and while I already got my tickets, the search was a bit tougher than I’m used to. So I’ve decided to share the “best flight to Slovenia” search. I must admit that I started looking at flights that went directly from A to B (in this case from Madrid to Ljubljana), but that was not an easy or cheap choice. So what could I do? I wasn’t going to accept just the few options a MAD – LJU flight was about to offer. I chose to think outside the box instead and started looking for airports in a radius of 250 km or less. These are the best options I found: a. Flying to Slovenia via Italy: Trieste & Venezia TRS / VCE Flying to Venice’s airports was one of the major options if you want to save on…