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jarveys' horse Killarney Ireland

06 Nov: Killarney: a trip to the heart of Ireland (music, nature and lots of craic!)

Just a few steps from the minimal train station and some couple of hours away from Belfast (via Dublin), the wild deer of Killarney said hello to me. Bronze deer, of course (were they live deer, I’d still be running) which told me it would be a week full of stunning nature and fun, the Irish way. One month ago I was at the Emerald Isle (Ireland, not Sri Lanka) for a conference. Yes, one of those where you spend 3 days inside a big room with a lot of other people, like there was nothing interesting to see outside. Doesn’t sound like the greatest of plans (it was a very nice one) but since Ireland is always a good excuse to travel, I took a flight over to Dublin and started exploring. Why visit Killarney As I was telling you before, I arrived at night to the train station…