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Como ir al aeropuerto Madrid
08 Sep: How it is to use Madrid Metro: 10 top tips to move around the city easily

Updated October 2018 Madrid has one of the best Metro systems in the world. It is, without any doubt, one of the best options to move around town: it is safe, clean and has a reasonable price (even when Madrilians will tell you it costs too much). But, before using the underground to move around Madrid, you should take into account a series of facts nobody tells you when you first…

Diccionarios visuales MeNoSpeak
29 Nov: Visual dictionaries for travelers

All of us who’ve been exploring beyond the major cities and touristic spots, know that English won’t take you everywhere (French and Spanish neither). At most places you will also need a bit of imagination, a lot of body language and some basic knowledge of the local language if you don’t want to feel terribly lost. But today I’m writing about one great idea that most travelers ignore: travel dictionaries…

Madrid Conde Duque
21 Nov: 6 original hotels in Madrid

Madrid is not specially famous for being on top of the artsy vanguard. But, it does have some of the most original stays that you will find in Spain. If you are thinking on traveling to Madrid, here are some original hotels that you will sure enjoy: 1. Hotel Puerta de América *floor reception by Matt Belton via Flickr For me, it is a bit far away from the top touristic…

14 Oct: How to choose the best seat of the plane

Choosing your seat on the plane sounds now like something from the past. With most of the airlines charging an extra to let you choose where to seat, seems that we have assumed that they will be choosing where we seat forever. But, choosing where you seat on the plane, together with what you will be eating on the plane, can make a world apart. So, if you will be adding…

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