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3 free SEO books to understand SEO, what it is and why you need

3 free SEO books to understand SEO, what it is and why you need

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  • 3 free SEO books to understand SEO, what it is and why you need
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Today SEO or free positioning on search engines is a profession on itself, ever changing and very complex. However, there are a couple of things that everyone can do to make their sites “loved” by Google (and all the other search engines)

The good thing about it is that you can learn many of these things without buying really complex SEO books or attending a college course. To learn the basics of SEO you only need time and will, some basic html knowledge and reading any of these basic books:

1. Google’s book about SEO: Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

Why I like it: Well, it’s Google’s book about SEO and, being everyone interested in positioning on Google, it’s a good place to start. All it says can be done by mostly anyone and has many links for extra content.

The not so good: As a SEO book is quite limited as it only covers the very basics of onpage SEO.

It is available on pdf: Google

2. The SEO guide at SearchEngineland

Why I like it: This guide is written by the team behind SearchEngineland, the site SEO and marketing people refer to for news and treands on search engines. It is quite comprehensive.

The bad: Being not so basic, some sections can get outdated any time soon. It is only available online.

You can read it here: What is SEO

3. MOZ’s guide: The beginners guide to seo

Why I like it: It’s written by Moz, which isn’t Google but is continuously analizing how Google works. The guide is also very easy to follow and understand, with lots of samples and extra content links.

The bad: “too much to read”? Not really that bad, though

You can read it online here or download it on pdf

4. The new guide: FirstSiteGuide’s guide to SEO

The new guide of First Site Guide is pretty basic but this also makes it easier to understand. You can find it here.

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