Next April 27th: we have a date at the LaconNetwork in Vigo

LaconNetwork Nómadas Digitales Galicia Vigo

The first LaconNetwork for DIgital Nomads will happen in Vigo!

When Patricia from Impact Hub Vigo asked me to join them on April 27th for the networking event about Digital Nomads, I got a bit nervous. You already know I like to talk, well not really talk, write, speaking in front of many people is something I don’t do often. But she was convincing and I am looking forward to meeting you there to talk about travel, digital work and IT.

But, what is this LaconNetwork?

The LaconNetwork events are now the most important networking events for those investing and developing projects on digital environments. A LaconNetwork is not an “auditorium” event with speakers hiding behind a stand (well, it is once a year) but a relaxed event, half a networking meeting and half an informal lunch.

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and digital projects have gone through the LaconNetwork events in Galicia. They periodically gather with the excuse of this informal lunch and talk, with just one point in common: they have built their business model around the web.

So why this LaconNetwork event?

If you ever ask me where to work when you travel, I will recommend you considering to join a coworking network with international scope. I did it last year, when I joined Impact Hub, and it has made a great change for me in terms of productivity and access to local entrepreneurs when I am abroad. That is probably the reason why they are the ones behind this LaconNetwork about Digital Nomads.

Next April 27th, I won’t be there alone, two great Digital Nomads will be there: Sofía Cheng and Edo Sadikovich will be sharing their adventures around the world and how it is to work as a digital nomad. I guarantee they have amazing stories to tell and lot to learn from them, both for those who want to become true digital nomads and those looking to build a project in the digital world.

As for me, I might as well take all the tech and gadgets I use when I work and travel, and maybe will even tell you some tips on how to manage different timezones and teams that live in completely different locations. We’ll see… you’re free to ask whatever you’d like to know.

Plus, there will be a lot of room for networking and a very tasty local menu. Do you really need more reasons to meet me in Vigo on April 27th?


What are you waiting for?

You can join the networking lunch through this link

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