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Lisbon in 100 bites, a foodie guide to Lisbon that focuses on what, not where

Lisbon in 100 bites food guide Portugal

Almost a year ago, I met with Zara from BackpackMe in Stockholm and we had a great conversation about food & travel… and Portugal. I must confess that after years crossing the border between Spain and Portugal, I keep ordering the same things and my knowledge of portuguese food is somewhat limited. The reason behind it might be that there are a couple of portuguese recipes that I am addicted to, but the thing is that, there is much more to portuguese food than the typical Bacalhau (cod) or the famous Francesinha.

Back then, this e-book project was only an idea for them and I thought it would be an amazing thing to read: a foodie guide to Lisbon that doesn’t tell you where to eat in Lisbon, but what to eat.

Today, the project is a reality the Lisbon in 100 bites e-book goes for their second edition now. A guide of portuguese food and recipes that answers the question: what to eat in Portugal?

The subtitle “The Ultimate Lisbon Food Guide” might sound like a list of restaurants in Lisbon where you can eat ok, good and very good; but this is not what you will find here. They have focused on helping other travelers to understand what they will find for food in Lisbon, what the menu says and how to order. And that is a much better help when you are looking to the ultimate foodie experience, outside the touristic places and the overpriced English menus. And that is the best part of it.

how to order at a portuguese restaurant

The guide has different sections you can jump to when in need: petiscos (starters), rice, fish, meat…

Each of the dishes brings its own yummy-looking picture, together with a description, main ingredients and other interesting facts, like where the recipe comes from or what to drink with it. Warning! you might get hungry while reading it.

Who is it for? For all of you who are planning a trip to Portugal or want to find what the Portuguese food is about. Those who love to ask the locals for great places where you can eat in Lisbon and even for those who just follow the rankings at TripAdvisor to choose where to eat.

Who isn’t it for? For those that always eat pizza or at McDonalds.

It is a pdf format e-book, so you can take it to Lisbon with you and use it when you are browsing the restaurant menu. And, as a bonus, it also includes a bonus pdf on how to order at a Portuguese cafe (the sweet, the salad, the coffee types and other drinks) so you don’t end up with an espresso when you wanted a latte.

Let me know what you think and which of the portuguese delicacies you like the most ?

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