Where I’m traveling to in 2017… suggestions welcome ;-)

Where am I traveling this year?

2017 is about to be one amazing year for travel and it’s going to be hard to choose among so many amazing destinations out there, so I’ve decided to set up my list so you know where I’m traveling this year and where to follow me (or join, maybe?).

This is not a closed list and. There are too many beautiful places around the world you should visit and, you know, it’s hard to choose. So if you have recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below 😉

So, this year I’m traveling to…


Yes, you’ve noted I used “we” above. It’s because this year I will be traveling alone, but my sister and friends are going to be key in some of the trips. And one of them is Madrid.

We’re going there next week. There’s Fitur, the travel fair, and we are using it as an excuse to meet with friends & family, have some productive meetings and re-connecting with the city.

I spent about 15 years living in Madrid and couldn’t believe I didn’t have more than a bunch of pictures of the city. So, we’re also touring a bit there. Let me know if you’re visiting, and we’ll meet for cañas!


What a beautiful place to travel to! Yes, I go there every time I can, but haven’t gone below Lisbon. So this year we are going to Algarve! Road trip with beaches, nature, gastro…

And… we’re adding to the mix Azores islands. Nature, traditions and one off-the-radar spot I’ve been dreaming of for ages.



I have been to Belgium twice before, but there’s a lot more in the country to discover and I’m planning a trip to the Wallonia region. I will be traveling by train, one of my favorite transports.

Plus, I will probably revisit Brussels. I haven’t told you about my travels there yet, and it’s about time I tell you more about this beautiful city.

United Kingdom!

Yes! It’s London again (I never get tired of London). This time I’m traveling there to visit the London Coffee Festival with my sister, who will be covering the event for her coffee blog.

Plus, I will take my time to discover alternative ways to visit London, for all of us who’ve already been to BigBen and Tower of London. And, if time allows, I’ll go back to Scotland by the end of the year. Looking forward to a road trip through those amazing landscapes.


Yes! I’m going back to Tokyo! Couldn’t be more excited about that. There are a couple of places in Japan I didn’t have time to visit on my first trip there and I will also be doing the “traditional” route with some friends who will be joining us 🙂

Plus, this will allow to tell you more about Japan. My friends have been complaining for a while that I don’t have everything written on the blog so they can print it out, so there will be more content this time. Promised!



I’ve been to Ireland twice before, but never went really far away from Dublin. The first time, we didn’t have any control over the itinerary, we were taking a language course in Dublin. And, the second time, we were visiting friends and we chose to explore Dublin and the area surrounding instead of touring.

This year we’ll be doing a road trip (or train, I haven’t decided yet) for those stunning cliffs and more. But I won’t lie to you, Dublin will be on the list again.


You read right, Slovenia is on the list again. It might be a destination you never thought of, but I would go back tomorrow.

Last time I didn’t have time to travel to the northeast: Maribor, Ptuj (some amazing carnival they say) or the coast of Piran and Portoroz.

¡India! ¡Romania! ¡Bulgaria! ¡Vietnam! ¡Iceland! ¡Zambia! ¡Mexico!

The list is long and I want them all but I’m conscious that I won’t make it everywhere. Specially since I have what some call “real life” that has to fit in. So, right now the two winning are India and Romania, but don’t think I won’t make it everywhere else. They are on the list and I’ll do my best to be there and tell you about it.

So now it’s your turn! Where would you go? What should I add to the list? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

And happy travels 2017!

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Madrid is my favorite! I went with my sister a few years back and plan to go again for a travel writers’ conference this year. I can’t wait. 🙂 Why not come to Greece?

I agree, I should add Greece to the list. I’ve been dreaming of going back there for a while. Don’t know it will be this year, but I’ll make room for it I promise!

For Ireland I’d recommend driving the Wild Atlantic Way. Lots of cliffs and seaside views. If you journey by train, you’ll miss out on the coastal route. Alternatively, you can go to Northern Ireland and drive the Antrim coast.

If you love nature, Iceland is stunning! I went last year. Here’s some of my photos

Whatever you decide, I’m sure you’ll love!

Thank you so much for the recommendations Mara!
I loved Iceland but didn’t have enough time to explore it as much as I’d love to. Saving your posts there for inspiration on my next trip 😀

Wow really nice plans!!
I think some travel bloggers meet up for cañas and they use #Birratour hashtag

Hola Oscar!!
#Birratour es lo más! A ver si nos vemos por allí 😀

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