We’ve got a winner!!! – @AlldayInternet travel wifi giveaway


Yes! We have a winner of the giveaways with AlldayInternet. It’s been only a few days but I love to see how you all have engaged with the sweepstakes. So, before announcing the winner, I’d like to thank all of you who have entered via Rafflecopter, all of you who have shared it online, although you didn’t even enter and, most of all, thank AlldayInternet, who made this 15 days of travel wifi abroad giveaway come true. THANK YOU!!

And now… the winner is…


I’ll be contacting you today so you can enjoy the travel wifi service abroad on your next travel.

And, for all of you who didn’t win, you can still use the 5% discount on any service and destination from AlldayInternet. Just type the discount code 5offtravelwifi 

Some giveaway facts, in case you feel interested

It’s been running for 8 days via Rafflecopter. The app has been giving points to each action you made, from just being a follower to sharing or making a suggestion to AlldayInternet. There were a total of 87 point and only two participants were disqualified for not following the Terms and Conditions.

The winner was chosen on Rafflecopter (randomly) via Random.org from all the points awarded.

You have shared the giveaway over 300 times on your own social networks, although most of you chose to enter with the basic option of just being a follower of @trucosviajeros and @alldayinternet on Twitter. I’m glad to know that most of you were already followers before the giveaway 🙂

And, finally, you suggested Japan and Portugal as new wifi destinations for AlldayInternet service. Both countries I’ve been to and I love.

Looking forward to hear from Alba Luna about her experience with the travel wifi service. Greetings and great travel!

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Oh!!! 🙁 Felicidades Alba Luna, disfrútalo! 😉

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