This summer connect anywhere – worldwide wifi giveaway for travelers

travel wifi giveaway no roaming charges

Planning a trip to or from Spain? Afraid of phone charges, roaming and not enough free wifi to connect with your people? Pay attention: I am giving away with AlldayInternet an internet wireless service with up to 5GB of travel wifi and 15 days of use, that you can use in the destination of your choice.

I’ve been thinking about doing a giveaway at the blog for the last couple of months, but I didn’t seem to come out with the right idea until now. I wanted it to be different, you know I can’t get disconnected when I travel, and I wanted you all able to enjoy the contest, no matter where you live.

So I talked to the guys at @alldayInternet and we came out with something I think you all could use and love.

What I am giving away: free internet wifi for travelers

Well, roaming charges are a nightmare and looking for free wifi to update your instagram is pretty bad. So the guys at AlldayInternet decided it would be a cool idea to offer internet for travelers.

What they do is rent their own mini routers with a data plan for your destination (right now the cover over 30 different countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania). So, imagine you are visiting Spain and then Germany, you can book their mifi gadgets for the length of your total travel and as much data as you will need. They send it to your home (or the first hotel you are staying at), a couple of days before the beginning of your trip.

Once your travel begins, you turn it on and connect up to 8 devices at a time, in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin or Munich, for example. When your rental is done, you can send the device back with their prepaid courier packs or they will send a courier to your door to pick the mifi device up.

Just see how it works at this video (it’s also available in other languages at their youtube channel):

And all of that without roaming charges. Ain’t it cool?

Well, that’s what I am giving away: one free rental with up to 5 GB of data and up to 15 days of use at the destination of your choice (the device must be picked up in Spain, but you can choose to use it at any of the other +30 destinations they offer).

I want it! how do I enter?

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible, so you only need to be a follower of @trucosviajeros and @AlldayInternet on Twitter and enter at the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

(sometimes the rafflecopter app is a bit shy, try reloading the page or click the link 😉 )

You don’t need to unfollow and then follow us again. If you are already a follower, just sign up using Rafflecopter and say you do, that will give you two points for the giveaway.

There are other entry options available, but following me and AlldayInternet are the only mandatory ones. Each of the other entry options will give you extra tickets for the giveaway, but as the winner will be picked randomly, you don’t need to do all of them to win.

Just remember to fill all the fields the app requests or your points won’t be awarded.

Entries will be available from midnight July 8th to the midnight July 15th 2015. I will announce the winner on the 16th of July, so you can use this free service for this summer.

No way! I will be travelling before the contest is over…

Don’t worry. They offer such an amazing service that I decided to offer a 5% off coupon for you too. Just type 5offtravelwifi at their wifi booking site.

How will you pick the winner?

The winner will be randomly picked by Rafflecopter from all the entries performed. So, if you only follow me you enter once, but if you follow us, tweet, visit my Facebook page and make a suggestion… you will have more than 6 entries. And you can do a couple of things everyday.

That said, it is a luck thing. You can win by just following me as much as by doing it all everyday.

All adults around the world are eligible, as long as they choose an address in Spain to pick up the device. So if you are travelling to Spain, traveling from Spain or even going through Spain via somewhere else, enter the form above and enjoy your free internet connection for travelers. You also need to be able to rent a device through Alldayinternet website.

What happens if I win?

Yooohoooo! I will be contacting the winner on July 16th, so you have enough time to book your travel wifi free of charges for this summer.

Things you should know:

  • The reward is via a single use discount coupon you can choose to book for the destination of your choice, up to 5 GB and 15 days of use. The coupon should be redeemed before December 31st 2015 via their Customer Service.
  • No travel, transport, accessories extras are covered. Nor needed to enjoy the reward. Just take into account that there is usually a shipping cost if you book with less than 15 days in advance from the rental period. Take that into account.
  • Once I have contacted you, you have 5 days to accept the reward. If you don’t do it or don’t meet the requirements, I’ll have to pick another winner.

You can check the full Terms and Conditions here.

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5GB data plan for travelers giveaway with AlldayInternet and @trucosviajeros


Questions? Suggestions? Travelling somewhere else? Just let me know 🙂

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Great idea! Very useful for travelers because you ca use internet anytime!

Thank you! Specially when they are connection addicted like myself xD

A ver si me toca!! En cosa de tres meses me dieron un golpe en el coche estando aparcado y me lo dejaron siniestro total,me robaron la cartera con dinero y documentación, el móbil y la tablet se me ahogaron en el mar, al caerme la mochila en el puerto pro estar posando divinamente y ninguno de los ha vuelto a funcionar… Será hora de que por fín me toque algo bueno, digo yo!!! :O Antes de que directamente pida cita en un exhorcista!! 😉

Pues sí que te ha pasado de todo!! Ánimo, y a ver si te toca 🙂

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