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I’ve been neglecting the Trucosviajeros microsite in English to work on the project and it was about time to go back to action after these almost-vacation. No, I haven’t forgotten about you nor gone crazy and left to travel the world (although I might do it, just saying ;D ) It was just that I needed to reorder my ideas and tweak some things at the website.

You probably have noticed already that this has changed a bit. Yes, this site needed an update and, while I spend most of my work hours updating, changing, transforming… the sites of others, I never found the time to redefine mine.

So, here I am, working on the Trucosviajeros site so it becomes a much better resource for you and more fun for me.

Here are the changes:

Now you will find everything on the same place

For a while, I put all my effort to differentiate between what I do on my travel blog from my professional background. It probably made more sense when I worked 9 to 5 at a corporate job, but today traveling is also part of what I do and many clients find it interesting to see how I write, where I’ve been and what I do. So, why differentiate?

Now, instead of posting different things on different platforms (Linkedin, Medium, Womenalia…) it is all much more easier. You will still be able to read me on LinkedIn in Spanish, but all that goes there will have its space here too.

Plus, while checking what worked best on the blog, I found that, among the “Tips to travel to…” and the “What not to do when you visit…”, there was one post that didn’t fit but got a lot of interest from you: 21 tools I use for my blog.

I’ve added new sections

As I was telling you above, you won’t just find travel here now, nor just Marketing stuff. I will combine both on the site and you will be able to choose what you want to follow. For example, if you are using a rss reader like Feedly, you can use a feed that only talks about travel if you subscribe to, and if you are only interested in Marketing content, you can subscribe to Or follow everything in English by subscribing to Just find your section, category or tag and add /feed to the end of it to find what interests you. That simple.

But there’s more: now you can check which Marketing, Travel and Blogging events I will be attending in the near future. Let me know if you will be there too and let’s talk about travel, innovation and the digital world.

And I am adding an event section, so you also know which events to attend if you want to learn more about travel, entrepreneurs, startups, digital marketing, etc.

Updated the newsletter

The Trucosviajeros newsletter used to be only in Spanish. In the following months I might be adding a free monthly subscription to the English contents that I publish here and at

Stay tuned for more info on these.

Moved to WordPress


No, I haven’t changed my mind. I’m still a great promoter of the Blogger platform (and other formats like Squarespace or Medium). For me, the important thing here is not the technology but what you do with it and, in order to have all the content unified I had to change.

Why it matters to you? Well, commenting will be a bit easier and you will find that navigating from the Spanish to the English content will be easier, for example.


Hoping that you find a better experience here. Best wishes and great travels!

PD. This is a work in progress. Some things will change later or never change. So, if you miss something important or have an idea of what I should change, just drop me a note. I will love hearing back from you.

And last, this pic is from Mira Bozhko on Unsplash

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